AI dungeon excerpts ITT

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AI dungeon excerpts ITT

Post by Jill (?) » Sun Jan 03, 2021 12:36 am

i'll separate things from different adventures by post, starting with this one where i became some kind of swole necromancer queen


my inputs say nothing about punching, and yet...
> You give the orcs an ultimatum to leave your lands or be eradicated.
You begin to speak in the minds of the three shamans.
"You have had three years to tame this world. Now, it is time for you to put your money where your mouth is.

> You drive the orcs out of the city.
The shamans are horrified. They begin chanting and hurling a mixture of elemental and non-elemental magic at you.
You think hard about crushing three orc leaders, and flexing your muscles.

> You teach the orcs the consequences of war, the hard way.
You charge the shamans, punching one in the face so hard that his neck is snapped and his body collapses to the floor, splattering blood.

> You beckon the remaining shamans.
The other two shamans begin casting their magic spells, but you are already charging them with your fist.
You punch the first shaman so hard that he flies across the room and smacks into a wall, killing him.

> You finish the fight.
You run at the second shaman and punch him so hard that his head is nearly cleaved in two, splattering blood onto the floor. The body slumps to the ground and does not move any longer.

fairies being fairies
You ask the fairy if they need your protection. "You must be the Necromancer." The fairy nods. "We've never had any dealings with the undead before, so I don't really know what to say."

> You ask the fairies if they fear the undead.
"Don't be silly! We love the undead!" one of them declares. You're shocked by how stupid these creatures are.
"The undead have been our friends for as long as I can remember!" another adds.

fuck elves
> You ask the elves if they want your protection from the incoming horde.
The elf shakes his head.

> You leave the elves to their fate.
You don't really feel bad about this.

more fairies being fairies
You start your search and a few minutes later...
"What in the world...."
You find a single dead fairy, with several arrows in its body.
"This one was definitely killed by something."
"It certainly looks like it,"

> You trace the arrows back to the killer.
You follow the stream of arrows back into the cave. Sure enough, in the darkness, you find a fuchia fairy sitting with her bow, not more than an arms length away from you.

> You say "hello there."
"Ah, I see you've found one of my traps," the fairy says. "I set them up all around this area.

> You say "for what purpose?"
"Myself obviously. I was waiting for you."
She isn't very talkative and will only make short responses.
"Why did you kill this fairy?"
"Because I was waiting for you of course."

> You say "well i'm here now. so what do you want?"
"I want you to leave. That's what I wanted."
"Because I said so."
"Why do you want me to leave?"
"Because I said so.

> You say "just to be clear, you wanted me here just so you could tell me to leave?"
"I thought as much."
You take aim with your bow. She's sitting down, but you still want to make sure.
"WAIT!" she says.

> You say "what is it?"
"There's a... a rat... in the fairy cave."
"I see. and why were you trying to kill me? I thought you wanted me to leave."
"Because I wanted you to leave!

> You say "you killed a fairy just to bring me here, and now you want me to leave. so demanding."
"I'm not demanding! I just want you to leave!
She scurries backward and hides behind a rock.
"Listen..." she hisses. "Leave.

> You say "no. you brought this on yourself"
"I did not!"
You fire another arrow at her.
"You deliberately tried to kill me! Now I'm going to do what I want"
"What do you want?

> You say "how about you leave instead?"
"I can't. You must see that. I'm trapped here."
You sigh and put down your bow. You start walking away from her.
"Alright, fine. Have it your way then."

> You say "i'm not taking care of the rat for you, though"

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it's the super maria sisters super show!!!
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Re: AI dungeon excerpts ITT

Post by Jill (?) » Sun Jan 03, 2021 1:48 am

before my next adventure i made a little scenario based around my fursona traveling to random worlds, which i will probably be using for most of these in the future. a scenario basically just gives the AI a starting point and setting to work with, and if desired can allow the player to specify certain things (character name, class, race, etc.) up front


i did not actually go through with these next two, but they made me laugh
"It is a special implant that will release a poison into your body. It is linked to your heartbeat. Should your heart stop beating, it will release the poison and kill you," she says.

> You say "that sounds very redundant"
> You say "i'm still a little on edge. the last world i went to tried to enslave me"
"Oh," Graham says. You sense a note of pity in his voice. "Where are you from?"
"The world of the Bunnies," you say.
"Oh yeah!" Graham replies.
"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" you ask.
"Oh, it's a good thing," Graham says. "I just saw a documentary about your world once."
"Oh really?" you say. "What was it about?"
"It was about... uh... biology."
"I'm not a biology,"

sometimes you just have a chill moment with a chill person
Concerned, you return to your portal.
Once there, you decide to go visit another world. You choose one at random, and arrive in a grassy field.
You look around. The world you're in is flat, with fields as far as the eye can see.

> You search for signs of civilization.
You look around. You see nothing but fields as far as the eye can see.
You sit down, and watch as hundreds of different types of flowers bloom all around you.

> You look for fairies hiding among the flowers.
You watch as the wind blows through the field of flowers. You smile as you see hundreds of different types of fairies float on the wind.

> You see if you can talk to one of the fairies.
As you watch the fairies float through the air, a voice behind you says "Beautiful, aren't they?"
You turn around. A woman in medieval clothing is looking at you. You nod in agreement.

> You say "they really are"
"The name's Eliza," she says. "Eliza Rose."
You introduce yourself. She smiles at you, and you think she looks familiar.
"What brings you here?" she asks.

> You say "i've just been exploring random worlds"
"Oh yeah? Explore many myself," Eliza says. "Never really found anywhere as nice as this, though."
You watch the fairies for a moment. After a few moments, you feel compelled to speak.

> You say "Bunderworld's also pretty nice. i grew up there"
"You did?" Eliza asks, interested.
"Yeah," you say. "I used to play in the flower fields there all the time."
"Is it just you on that world?" she asks.

> You say "no, there's lots of bunnyfolk there! too much for me to keep living there, in fact."
You tell her about the millions of bunnyfolk populating the world. She laughs, and you join in as you reminisce about your home.
"You should stay here," Eliza says.
You pause. You look at the beautiful flowers, the fairies, and Eliza, and consider it.

> You say "i can't really stay anywhere, it seems"
"Why not?" Eliza asks.
You think carefully before replying.

> You say "i'm a wanderer. i haven't lived outside of my dimensional burrow for a very long time"
"Oh, well that's a shame," Eliza says. "You seem nice."

> You say "i do my best to."
Eliza laughs. You watch the fairies dance in the flowers for a while. One flies up to you, and you reach out to pet it. Eliza does the same, and the fairy lets you pet it.
"You're good with fairies," Eliza says. "You'll go far."
You continue petting the fairy. Then, it occurs to you.
"Eliza," you ask, "what world is this?"
"This?" she asks. "This is Earth."
You're shocked. You never thought you'd end up on Earth itself!

> You say "how did it get so peaceful here?"
"It didn't start out that way," Eliza says. "There was a lot of fighting for a long time. Then I came along."

> You say "are you this world's heroine?"
"In a manner of speaking," Eliza says.

> You say "you must have done something amazing."
Eliza smiles.
"I just prevented the destruction of the world," she says. "That's all."
"That's pretty amazing," you reply.
The fairies begin to disperse as the sun sets.

> You say "i'd love to do something like that for one of these worlds"
"Like what?" Eliza asks.
"Saving a world," you reply. "Being a hero, you know? Like you."
"Everyone's hero in their own way,"

> You say "yeah, but that specific way is pretty darn cool"
Eliza smiles.
"How come you're not with your family?" she asks.
You pause, and think carefully about how to answer.

> You say "they live back in Bunderworld. i still visit them often"
"Oh, I see," Eliza says. "I love spending time with my family."
Eliza's eyes glaze over a bit, and you know she's thinking about them.

> You say "they must be really proud of you"
"Of course they are," Eliza says. "I am too, of course."
Eliza smiles again. The two of you sit in silence for a while longer.
"I should be getting home,"

> You say "yeah, me too. it was great meeting you"
"This was really nice," Eliza says. "I'd like to do it again sometime."
"Me too."
"See you later, Peep," Eliza says.
"See you later, Eliza," you reply.
The two of you get up and leave in separate directions.

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