A Hearth's Warming Parole

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A Hearth's Warming Parole

Post by PonyHag714 (?) » Thu Nov 14, 2019 4:15 pm

A Hearth's Warming Parole

All characters are property of Hasbro.

For the past couple of months, they had stood there, their minds or conciousnesses trapped in solid stone. They were alive, but unaware of the passage of time. They might have remained that way forever, barring any attempt to rehabilitate them, but fate had other plans...

“Just a bit to the left!” said Spike.

“Make up your mind.” grumbled Gallus as he moved the strand of garland again.

“Perfect!” exclaimed the dragon. “The school looks great!”

Despite himself, Gallus smiled and nodded. “This will be the best Hearth's Warming Eve ever.” They spent a few minutes looking around the festively decorated main hall of the school.

Twilight came into the room. “And with the meteor shower due tonight, we'll have an extra show.”

“They're going to come pretty close, aren't they?” remarked Ocellus.

“Yes, but don't worry. I doubt any of them will hit the ground...they'll burn up in Equus' atmosphere.” said Twilight.

“Are we going to talk, or are we going to get some hot chocolate for a job well done decorating?” asked Gallus.

Twilight laughed. “Okay, but take it easy – everything has to last until Hearth's Warming Eve.”

That night, the meteor shower was impressive indeed, putting on a great show in the Equestrian sky with brilliant streaks of color. When it started to die down, everyone want back to the school or back home. That's how they missed one meteor that streaked towards the ground and hit the ground with a small explosion and flash of light – hardly noticeable except that it hit not 100 feet from the petrified villains.

A blast wave emerged from the meteor that quickly dissipated – but lasted long enough to wash over the statue. Then cracks started appearing in the stone, cracks the grew larger and larger.

Queen Chrysalis had been trying to attack the princesses when she was petrified. This position threw her off balance as she was restored, causing her to fall to the ground. Slowly, she got to her feet and shook her head. “I don't believe it...I'm free!” she exclaimed, then turned to see Cozy Glow and Tirek had also been freed.

“Those ponies will pay for this!” she declared, shaking a hoof in the direction of Canterlot. “I swear it!”

“Would you knock it off?” said Cozy Glow. “It was your ranting that got us trapped in stone in the first place.”

“Don't tell me what to do!” yelled Chrysalis.

“They'll destroy us.” moaned Tirek. “We've got to get out of here and hide.”

“Cowards.” snarled Chrysalis. “I'll take my revenge on those ponies by myself if necessary – and destroy anyone who stands in my way.” she added, looking at them pointedly.

“We don't even know how much time has passed.” remarked Tirek. “We might have been in that stone for centuries.”

“It dosen't matter.” replied the Changeling. “I'll get my revenge on someone.”

“Sure you will.” said Cozy Glow sarcastically. “Meanwhile, I'm cold. I'm not going to stay out here. Let's find shelter.” The filly and Tirek headed for the woods.

“Fine.” snapped Chrysalis. “Just until I get my strength back...then beware, Equestria!” In a moment, she followed them.

“Where did the cookies I baked go?” asked Pinkie Pie, looking around.

The students all looked at Yona.

“Yona not eat all the cookies! Yona only take two!” exclaimed the yak.

“Well, someone got greedy.” said Smoulder. “I'm sure Pinkie dosen't want to spend all day baking more cookies.”

“It's okay. I'll bake more.” said Pinkie as she bounced out of the room.

“The room was only empty for a few moments.” remarked Sandbar. “Whoever took them must move pretty fast.”

“Whoever took that must be pretty hungry.” said Ocellus thoughtfully.

“Cookies? Are you serious?” said Chrysalis, staring at the plate Cozy Glow had brought in. “I require love energy!”

“Well, Pinkie Pie wasn't baking love.” said Cozy. “It was hard enough to get these without getting caught. Eat them and stop complaining.”

The villains had found an old cabin in the woods that appeared to be deserted. Luckily, it had a fireplace, and Tirek got a fire going so at least it was warm. For the moment, they were at a loss as to what to do next.

“At least we know it hasn't been that long.” said Cozy Glow. “Pinkie Pie and the students are stll around.”

“I wonder what freed us – or who?” asked Tirek. “There was no one else around.”

“Who cares?” said Chrysalis as she reluctantly bit into a cookie. “We're free...and I'm not going back to stone. Nor am I going to sit around in this shack forever.”

“I guess that's up to us.” said Cozy Glow. Chrysalis looked at her sharply, but said nothing.

“So how was the big meteor shower?” asked Starlight Glimmer at breakfast the next morning.

“It was great...really nice to watch.” replied Twilight.

“Those meteors, coming from outer space...it's too bad we don't have one to study, it might be very interesting.” remarked Starlight.

“Aren't they just rocks?” said Spike.

“Rocks, but who knows just what they're made of...and what mysterious properties they might have.” mused Twilight.

The villain trio had spent a restless night. The meal of Hearth's Warming Eve cookies and water from melted snow had been unsatisfying for all three.

“We can't go on like this.” said Chrysalis. “I can't survive on cookies, and I obviously can't walk into Canterlot and start draining somepony's love.”

“What about the stuff the reformed Changelings eat?” asked Tirek.

The former Changeling queen made a face. “That slop...but I might not have a choice. I almost hate going back to the hive the way it is now, but I guess I'll have to. And you two will have to find more sources of food yourself.”

“We'll find something.” Cozy Glow faltered.

Chrysalis stepped out of the cabin and transformed into a reformed Changeling. All she could hope for was not to run into that weakling Thorax.

End Chapter 1
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Re: A Hearth's Warming Parole

Post by PonyHag714 (?) » Thu Nov 21, 2019 10:24 am

A Hearth's Warming Eve Parole - Part 2

All characters are property of Hasbro.

Chrysalis, in disguise, made her way to the hive. As she did so, she grew increasingly nervous, fearing the reformed Changelings would see through her disguise. Despite her brave talk, she knew exactly what would happen then. She entered the hive through an entrance she was familiar with, and headed down a passageway, hoping not to run into anybug else.

The hope didn't last long as a young Changeling appreared, coming towards the former queen. "Hi." she said, and Chrysalis breathed a sigh of relief. Apparently she couldn't see through her disguise. "Er...hello." she answered. "Just looking for some food."

"There's a supply back there." said the little Changeling, pointing behind her.

Chrysalis couldn't help asking. "What do you think of that vegetation - as compared to consuming love?"

"It's not bad once you get used to it. Better than forcibly stealing it, as before. Thorax showed us a better way." It was all Chrysalis could do to choke back a reply that would surely give her away. "Okay." she said. "Th-thank you."

"I'm just going out to find a nice tree for our Hearth's Warming Eve celebration. One that's nice and big, but not too big to hoist up."

"I see." There was nothing Chrysalis wanted to talk about less. "Good luck, and be careful - it looks like bad weather."

"I will." said the Changeling, and went on her way. Chrysalis went in the direction she had indicated and found the cache of food. Taking some, she headed quickly for the exit, but caught the faint sounds of other Changelings singing carols. The sentimental fools, she thought. Once she had retaken the hive, there would be no more of that. Yet, for reasons she didn't understand, she hesitated a moment longer before leaving.

As she walked back to the shack where they were sheltering, she noticed the sky was a steel gray and the wind had picked up. It looked like it was going to storm, indeed. For a second she thought of the Changeling she had met, then forced the thought out of her mind. She would not be corrupted by friendship. Never...
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Re: A Hearth's Warming Parole

Post by PonyHag714 (?) » Wed Dec 04, 2019 4:29 pm

Meanwhile, Tirek and Cozy Glow had gone back to Ponyville to get more supplies, banking on the increasingly bad weather to cover their thievery. Already it was snowing, and very windy. They had managed to steal some hay, oats and bread.

“How long are we going to stay in that cabin?” asked Cozy Glow on their way back.

“How should I know?” replied Tirek. “All I know is, the ponies are going to discover that pedastal sooner or later. And then it'll be an all out search, and we'd better be long gone by then.”

Just then, a shape lying in the snow ahead caught Cozy Glow's eye. As they drew nearer, they saw it was a small, young Changeling, unconcious. “Is...she...” stammered Cozy Glow.

The tiny bug moved slightly. “She's alive.” said Tirek. “But not for long in this weather.”

“We have to take her back.” said Cozy. “Chrysalis will know how to help her.”

“Do you really think-” Tirek began, but left the sentence unfinished. “If she identifies us...this is a huge risk.”

“She's just a child.” said Cozy. “She won't know who we are. We've got to hurry, before she freezes to death!” With a sigh, Tirek picked up the tiny Changeling and they continued through the deepening snow.

Back in the cabin, they wrapped the Changeling in a blanket and placed her by the fire, but didn't know what more to do. They did have a meal of bread and hay. The small buggo started shivering.

Then Chrysalis came in. She saw the Changeling immediately, and recognized her almost as soon. “That's the Changeling I ran into in the hive!” she exclaimed. “What is she doing here? Speak!” she demanded.

“We found her in the woods, unconcious. We don't know what she was doing out there. Can you help her?” said Cozy.

“Do you realize what will happen if she returns to the hive and tells Thorax who she saw? We'll all be back in stone before the sun rises!”

“I don't think she'll be returning to the hive anytime soon.” said Tirek. “Are you willing to let one of your own kind – and a child at that – die?”

“Is there anything you can do for her?” asked Cozy Glow again.

Chrysalis was furious at the position they had put all three of them in. Yes, she was just a grub...corrupt, like the rest of them...but the sense of responsibility she felt for the welfare of the Changelings was still there, despite the fact that her reign over them was long past.

“Yes.” she finally grumbled. “She needs love energy. Obviously, only I can give it. You fools!” she burst out. But she bent over the young bug and her horn started to glow.

As the energy passed from Chrysalis to the young one, she started to stir and move around. Cozy Glow and Tirek were amazed at how quickly it happened. Then the tiny Changeling opened her eyes.

“Where am I?” she said in a small voice.

“Relax.” said Chrysalis. Then her voice softened. “You'll be all right now.”

“Who are you?” asked the young bug. The others let out a sigh of relief that she didn't know who they were.

“A fr-” Chrysalis started to say, but the word still tasted sour in her mouth. “Don't worry about it. Just rest and get warm. I have some vegetation for you to eat when you feel stronger." She couldn't deny she felt gratitude that the small Changeling would be all right, but she also realized how much more complicated their situation had become.
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Re: A Hearth's Warming Parole

Post by PonyHag714 (?) » Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:50 pm

Twilight took a moment from her work to look out the window. It was quite a storm, the snow blowing around in clouds. Then she was shocked to see what looked like a large group of creatures heading for the woods. Putting on some warm clothes, she hurried out.

It was a group of Changelings, including Thorax and Pharnyx. She ran up to Thorax. “What's going on? What are you doing out?”

“One of our hive is missing.” Thorax exclaimed. “She went out to pick out a tree to put up, and she hasn't come back. She's just a child, Twilight, and the whole hive is disrupted. We have to find her!”

Twilight only hesitated a moment. “I'll get help. We'll all search for her.”

“Okay, but we can't wait.” said Thorax. “We'll go on, and meet you in the forest.”

Pharnyx's voice rang out. “Let's go!” The Changelings headed for the woods, while Twilight ran back to round up reinforcements.

Meanwhile, the small Changeling had recovered well, and was on her feet. “Who are you?” asked Cozy Glow.

“My name is Metilia.” replied the buggo. She looked at Chrysalis for a long moment, making the queen feel very uncomfortable. “I feel like I should know you...but I don't know why.”

Chrysalis was at a loss for words. “I'm sure you're mistaken. You must have me confused with somebug else.” she finally said.

“It's too quiet.” said Tirek. “Much too quiet. I half expect those ponies to be pounding on the door at any moment.”

As if on cue, they heard voices, faint ones. Chrysalis recognized them at once. “It's Thorax!” she exclaimed. “They must be searching for Metilia!”

“I have to go...my parents must be worried about me...and the whole hive will be, too!”

“We can't...” Tirek started to say, but Chrysalis made a hasty decision. “Cozy Glow, you're the smallest. Find the search party and take Metilia to them...but don't let yourself be spotted!”

“But shouldn't we...” the filly began.

“Just do as I say!” ordered Chrysalis. “When she's safe, get back here. We have to get out of here before they find us!”

“Come on, Metilia.” said Cozy Glow.

“Metilia...don't tell them about us. Just say you managed to find shelter. Please.” Chrysalis couldn't believe she was actually saying 'please' to anyone.

“Okay, I won't.” replied Metilia. “But thank you.” On impulse, she gave the Changeling queen a hug, and then Tirek and Cozy. “Thank you all for saving me.”

Now all three villains were speechless.
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