PL2E11-12: Playwright or Wrong/The Shows Must Go On/The De-Stress Ball/Mad Props

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PL2E11-12: Playwright or Wrong/The Shows Must Go On/The De-Stress Ball/Mad Props

Post by Fizzbuzz (?) » Thu Apr 15, 2021 11:04 pm

Playwright or Wrong
It's the annual Ponyville Play Day and the Mane 6 are eager to celebrate by putting on a play.

The Shows Must Go On
When Rarity receives the opportunity of a lifetime, she must choose between her friends or her breakout role.

The De-Stress Ball
Applejack gets a bad case of stage fright the night before the big show

Mad Props
The night of the play, prop master Pinkie Pie is baffled when her special props become enchanted with strange magic.

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Re: PL2E11-12: Playwright or Wrong/The Shows Must Go On/The De-Stress Ball/Mad Props

Post by SigmasonicX (?) » Mon May 17, 2021 1:50 am

We're approaching the end, and it's disappointing that it doesn't seem to be doing anything particularly special. The Trail Trotters arc last season was six 12-minute episodes, and it's a shame nothing like that is happening here.

None of these episodes are particularly laugh out loud, but the stories are nice and cozy.

First story was set up, not much to see here, other than the bit with Trixie.

Second story had a lot of fun moments with Rarity, including an evolution of her gem vomiting, and her dialogue is just a joy to listen to throughout. It's nice to see her and Sugar Snap still getting along, but we don't see much of that overall. Fluttershy being a mime is a nice bit of continuity with her clown interest.

Third story was fun, though Applejack being the one to get stage fright is a bit odd with Fluttershy right there—and explicitly not getting stage fright until later. Chamomilia is a fun character, and the imagination sequences have some fun visuals.

Last story, with the play in action, was good. The story of the play seems surprisingly heavy, with some clear inspiration from Death of a Salesman; the girls' requests for the play seem to have been incorporated more naturally than you'd expect. Discord's pranks on the play were fun, and I liked the bit where they fought the prop monster, though it's a bit odd to have that revelation be an ending cliffhanger.

Presenting the Mane Six
Cute Rarity

RIP teapot
Super gem vomiting
Angel and Queen Rarity
Closed due to magic

AJ has stage fright
Chamomilia seems nice
Chamomilia scaring Applejack
Chamomilia scaring everyone

Rarity stealing the spotlight
Twilight with that thing around her neck is a good look

Surprised Contextless MLP didn't have any clips of the props going awry. I may edit in some clips I made later.

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