PL2E7-8: Magical Mare-Story Tour/Life of Pie/The Rarest Of Occasions/Portal Combat

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PL2E7-8: Magical Mare-Story Tour/Life of Pie/The Rarest Of Occasions/Portal Combat

Post by Fizzbuzz (?) » Sun Apr 11, 2021 9:40 pm

Magical Mare-Story Tour
The Mane 6 find their new friends from the Wild Side have crossed over into Ponyville.

Life of Pie
Lightning Chill shadows Pinkie Pie, but with two cooks in the kitchen their different styles erupt.

The Rarest Of Occasions
Rarity is gearing up for her 100th episode of her livestream show.

Portal Combat
The portal between Equestria and the Wild Side is closing, and Rainbow Dash gets stuck in it.

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Re: PL2E7-8: Magical Mare-Story Tour/Life of Pie/The Rarest Of Occasions/Portal Combat

Post by SigmasonicX (?) » Mon May 03, 2021 2:56 am

Time to explore The Wild Side characters! Suffice it to say, five minutes each wasn't the best way to present them.

The first story's title notably uses a reference that was already in FiM—and for one of the most important episodes of the series! Still, it was pretty fun, though more for how it revisited locations from season one and actually gave us a map. It is notable how wistful I felt for season one. I was even a bit excited when it looked like potions were going to come up again! Though they didn't.

The second story was alright, though I really don't get Lightning Chill's powers. It makes me think of a JRPG summon where the summon's effect has nothing to do with the animation.

The third story was also alright, though it's really weird how we hear so much about how funny Sugar Snap is, but she still gets little to do. I actually would have really liked to have seen Rarity bond with a fellow actress, but for some reason they decided this story would have a B plot, which gave even less time to them.

The fourth story, however, was pretty good. Rainbow having to run from a portal for days (I guess) while Twilight tries to figure things out was a fun visual, and this is the kind of sci-fi weirdness I can get behind. Also, stretchy Dash. Oh, and Echo was there I guess.

Overall, the Wild Side... I wouldn't call them a flop, per say, as I don't dislike them. But they only served to bring down the show. The pacing of the show simply doesn't allow them to be well defined, and it's hard to connect with them knowing how little we'll see of them. I'll also mention that I accidentally watched episode 209 instead of 208 first, which doesn't involve the Wild Side, and I liked that a lot more.

World map!

JRPG summon

Rarity's channel reaches its 100th video
Rarity singing
Echo in Food Wars
Coleslaw and Order

Dash Master could have gone better
Figuring out ApplePie
Spaghettified Dash and fixing the portal
Stretchy Dash flying by

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