[Dungeon Petz] Cuddle everything!

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[Dungeon Petz] Cuddle everything!

Post by Void Chicken (?) » Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:03 am


Hello, I'm Fluttershy, but I'm sure you already knew that. What you didn't know is that there has been a lot of demand lately for some adorable monsters and I just don't have the time to raise that many. So I would like all of you to help me take care of them for me.

I need four volunteers to help me raise some Dungeon Petz.

:ponder: I suppose I could do with only three but things get more complicated and I'd really rather not.

Here's a little official paperwork. It's okay if you think I won't be able to teach you myself. At least the art's cute?
Rules: https://czechgames.com/files/rules/dung ... les-en.pdf
Bonus Pets: https://czechgames.com/files/rules/dung ... les-en.pdf

If you want to help me out, please post ##I will hug every pet! Also let me know your name and tell me a little about yourself.

And if you really like raising pets, maybe consider spending some bits of your own on them?

Thank you! :yay:

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Re: [Dungeon Pets]

Post by Void Chicken (?) » Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:03 am

Phase 1: Reveal new information, add new stuff, get 1 or 2 bits
Phase 2: Shopping, imp placement
Phase 3: Arrange cages and pets, draw need cards, assign needs
Phase 4: Exhibitions
Phase 5: Sell pets, discard assigned cards, each remaining imp cleans 2 manure (from empty cages) or gains 1 bit
Phase 6: Age pets, age food, return imps

Need Decks
Green: 16 hunger, 10 poo, 4 anger, 2 disease
Red: 12 anger, 4 play, 3 hunger, 3 poo, 2 disease
Yellow: 12 play, 4 magic, 2 hunger, 2 poo, 4 disease
Purple: 12 magic, 4 anger, 4 play, 4 disease

Pet Needs
Hunger: Give 1 food per need, get 1 suffering per shortfall.
Poo: Add 1 manure per need.
Play: Assign 1 imp per play per pair of (consecutive) cages, get 1 suffering per shortfall.
Magic: Give 1 mutation per amount that pet's magic exceeds cage's antimagic.
Anger: Wound 1 unassigned imp per amount that pet's anger exceeds cage's strength. Pet escapes if shortfall.
Disease: If any assigned, and disease plus cage's manure is greater than 2, then add suffering of disease plus manure minus 1.
Potion: May be played to replace one need card with no need. Discard a card of the replaced color.

Bad Things
A pet with 1 mutation sells for 2 less bits.
A pet with 2 mutations shifts to another dimension.
A pet with suffering equal to or greater than its size dies.
A pet not assigned a cage (or voluntarily released) escapes.
A pet that dies, shifts, or escapes loses you one tenth of your reputation, rounded down.

Perform two exhibitions with normal reputation rewards. If you score less than 0 in either, lose reputation of that amount.

Business Acumen
1/2 point per bit
1 point per food, artifact, and potion
-2 points per imp not at home (i.e. in the hospital, on the platform, and those never recruited. 10 possible imps in the game per player)

Pet Display
2 points per pet
1 point per cage and addon
-1 per suffering, manure, or mutation

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Re: [Dungeon Pets] Cuddle everything!

Post by Bremen (?) » Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:07 pm

:evil: ##I will hug every pet!
They're just full of delicious love, after all.

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Re: [Dungeon Pets] Cuddle everything!

Post by sharkmafia (?) » Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:48 pm

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