Electoral Confirmation

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Electoral Confirmation

Post by Soft Snow (?) » Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:06 am

This upcoming Wednesday is when the electoral certifies Biden as president and Trump is putting everything into a last ditch effort to try to overturn the election results. After losing the election, Trump said this was the hardest he ever worked as president. Working hard after being fired might be the reason why he was fired.

Republicans are threatening to object the election results. McConnell, who has already acknowledged that Biden won, told his colleagues not to interfer in the process. As such, he was labelled a Deep State traitor by Trump supporters.

Ted Cruz and a collation of twelve other Senate Republicans are threatening to object the certification unless there is a ten day emergency audit. An audit that is unlikely to result in any change and is being used as a delay tactic to stall the confirmation of Biden as president. This is a theatrical move meant to win favor with the grassroot movement, taking a stand when the issue is well beyond the point of no return.

Trump has been sending a tour bus across the country to encourage people to show up in Washington DC to protest the certification. A protest to remove democracy and install fascism. The Proud Boys, former police supporters, have begun clashing with police over their protests of the election results. Resulting in them calling the police Deep State traitors as well. I guess police brutality is only a good thing when used against people you don't like, huh?

Trump was continued to enrich himself over his accusations of voter fraud, asking for donations to his legal defense. Most of which goes directly into his pocket. The fine print of these donations say anything under $8,000 goes directly to him and half of any donations above $8,000 goes to him as well. One person who donated over a million dollars is asking for a refund due to a lack of results. It seems the best way to milk sheep is claim there was fraud and ask for donations.

Trump and his allies continue to assert there is fraud despite a lack of evidence. Claiming there is evidence just that no one wants to hear it. Despite that, Trump has lost over 60 court cases because of a lack of evidence. His lawyers aren't even claiming fraud in court, but claiming voting irregularities as they bring in a parade of elderly witnesses to testify how they were confused about how the voting machines worked. Trump's public states about fraud is different then what he is claiming in court.

Trump supporters are so convinced that Trump won, 300,000 of them are attending a viral second inauguration for Trump.

Finally, a recent phone recording was released showing that Trump was trying to blackmail a Republican governor to change the election results of his states. Committing several felons in process that I'm sure will be ignored by the "law and order" party.

This are going to get crazy this week for sure.
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Re: Electoral Confirmation

Post by Mechanical Ape (?) » Wed Jan 06, 2021 5:01 pm

UPDATE: Things got crazy.

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Re: Electoral Confirmation

Post by Pocket (?) » Thu Jan 07, 2021 9:53 pm

Fuck the police. Fuck America.

Everyone involved in this needs to be hanged for treason. All of the insurrectionists, all of the cops who helped them, ALL OF THE REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS who egged them on and, quite possibly, the rest of them as well. And especially Donald Trump.

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